Festive ideas for your agency to spend your additional revenue from MoveIT on



MoveIT has officially been delivering property professionals a boost in bottom-line profits for over a year through Jupix, VebraLive and EncoreLive estate agency software, and during that time over 650 agents have joined the MoveIT network to enjoy a seamless offering to customers through software delivered by Property Software Group, part of ZPG.

Given the additional boost to bottom-line profits enjoyed by MoveIT agents through our home-moving price comparison tool, we decided to come-up with some festive ideas to help your agency spend your additional revenue.

Decorate your offices

There’s nothing like getting into the Christmas spirit than getting the tinsel out and decorating your office, and with the extra revenue generated, why not turn your offices into Santa’s Grotto, your local home-movers and investors would love it!

Enjoy a festive feast

If there’s one thing we love about Christmas, it’s enjoying a feat like no other.

The diet can start in the New Year, because now is the time to enjoy all of the festive food imaginable. From mince pies to ginger-bread houses, stollen, pigs in blankets and plenty of chocolate, now is the time to go all out in the ultimate office feast.

Secret Santa

We all love gifts at Christmas, and it’s even better when you inject even more fun into giving gifts. Secret Santa is the perfect opportunity to get silly with your colleagues, or even treat your colleagues with some thoughtful gifts. And with the extra boost from MoveIT, you can really get into the festive spirit.

Donate to charity

The Christmas period is a time for family, but there are many out there who may not be in a fortunate position. Christmas is a time to think of those less fortunate, and even the smallest action can make the biggest difference. You could get essential goods for local food banks to make Christmas that bit easier for others, or you can fill boxes of toys and gifts for those whose Christmas is spent in hospital this year. Whatever you can do to add a little sparkle to others this Christmas, with the extra revenue generated from MoveIT, your agency can make it happen.


Christmas is a fantastic time of year, and however you celebrate, it can be made even easier with the extra office revenue generated from MoveIT’s price comparison tool for home-movers.

If you’d like to find-out how your agent can deliver greater customer service, saving your home-movers time, contact us today 08000 75 87 49 or email info@moveitnetwork.com.