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MoveIT: The must-have tool to make the most out of your agency

MoveIT is the ultimate must-have tool for agents, even more so now than ever before. If you’re an agent who is concerned about your future following Britain’s decision to exit…

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EU Exit: Face Britain’s uncertain future together with ZPG

This morning millions of stunned people across the UK woke up to the news that we will be leaving the European Union. As this news starts to sink in, property…

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MoveIT Financial Services launched, kicking-off with Jupix Agents

Ever-since the launch of MoveIT, agents and conveyancers have flocked to join the MoveIT Network, in order to deliver home-movers the best in services, making it easier to move home,…

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Where does your business fit in the drive for innovation?

Innovation. We hear this word being thrown about regularly, but what does it mean to you, and just how far does your business embrace it? Whatever your business, whether you’re…

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