MoveIT: The must-have tool to make the most out of your agency

MoveIT Brexit Stamp

MoveIT is the ultimate must-have tool for agents, even more so now than ever before.

If you’re an agent who is concerned about your future following Britain’s decision to exit the EU.

If you’re an agent concerned about making the most out of market volumes.

Then now is the time to make a change.

With MoveIT, agents can secure the future growth of their agency

Improve referral revenue streams

Deliver heightened customer service to your home-movers

Become instrumental to the home-moving process of your agents

”The simplicity of arranging conveyance quotes and instructions with MoveIT activated in our Jupix system has revolutionised our performance in this area. We have seen a 20% increase in instructions now we have been using the system for 6 month. We absolutely love it. Particularly for me now we are enjoying significant income from a maturing MoveIT pipeline!” Peter Keylock, Jeffries Estate Agents June 2016

Beat the Brexit in 2016 with MoveIT by your agency’s side, contact the MoveIT team today