Moving tips for your home-movers


Moving house is a process that no one looks forward to. It involves contacting utility suppliers, cleaning both the old and new house, hiring removal companies and packing up an entire home into multiple boxes. It can be an incredibly stressful experience, with some studies showing that it’s voted even more stressful than relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job.

Help your home-movers manage their move and reduce the stress with our top 5 moving tips:

1. Be organised with packing
When it comes to packing, it’s best to start as early as possible. For a large house, start about 2 months before the moving date, or 1 month for a smaller property. Start packing items that aren’t used daily first, such as spare room bits, Christmas decorations or gardening tools. This is also the perfect time to declutter, holding a garage sale, listing on eBay or giving items away to charity, saving time on packing items that are no longer needed. Finally, all boxes should be labelled, to help movers know which rooms to put which boxes in, making unpacking much easier.

2. Clean the new home before moving in
If possible, visit the new home before the move in date to deep clean the bathroom and kitchen. Making sure essentials such as toilet paper, towels and soap are already in place. Your home movers will thank you when it’s time for a hot shower after a busy moving day.

3. Sort out the change of address ASAP
Although most movers will remember to do this for important things like utilities and internet providers, other bits can get overlooked. Online subscriptions such as Amazon prime, PayPal accounts, mail redirects and local councils (for council tax) will need to be notified.

4. Don’t forget the fridge freezer
A lot of fresh food items get thrown out during the moving process. Avoid wastage by using up all frozen and fresh produce in the lead up to the move in date. Once everything’s been emptied out of the freezer, make sure to unplug and leave it to defrost overnight, so there’s time to clean up and wipe away any liquid.

5. Discover Zoopla’s move planner
Make sure your home movers are organised and prepared for their move, with Zoopla’s home move planner. The planner covers a list of things to do in the lead up to the moving date, from getting removal quotes to comparing energy suppliers to get the best deal. Check it out for yourself here.